全球赌博十大网站的同事 fosters strong connections with an expansive ne两个rk consisting of thousands of top 牧师代理人 critical care professionals across the country specializing in 紧急护理, 重症监护医学, 急诊医学, 肺部危重症护理, and more who are actively looking for 牧师代理人 work filling gaps in coverage at healthcare facilities nationwide for short- and long-term locum assignment engagements. 



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A study published in the National Library of Medicine projects that Americans will soon experience a crippling shortage of more than 79,00 medical professionals specializing in critical care and 急诊医学. With 48% of hospitals surveyed by the American Hospital Association (AHA) reporting current deficiencies in their facilities’ critical care staff, increases in the prevalence of chronic disorders along with a growing geriatric population in the U.S. is driving a significant spike in demand for 急诊医学 and critical care specialists across the country. Incorporating 牧师代理人 critical care providers into your healthcare facility’s staffing strategy is a proactive method of ensuring that any upcoming gaps in critical care coverage are filled.

每个月, Barton’s dedicated recruiters connect hundreds of talented critical care and 急诊医学 physicians, 护士, and physician assistants with a broad range of various healthcare facility types across every corner of the country. 我们的丰富池超过120,000 locum critical care specialists gives our teams the capability to seamlessly fulfill your unique critical care staffing requests with the most skilled providers found throughout the nation.




Our Vast Pool of 重症监护室 Covers a Wide Variety of Specialists









引领全国的地租行业, 全球赌博十大网站的同事’ national footprint gives us the capability to service clients across every U.S. 时区,从各个角度提供一流的支持. 你将从你的客户经理那里得到一对一的关注, 你和全球赌博十大网站共事时谁是你唯一的联系人, takes the headache out of staffing by efficiently finding you the most qualified candidates throughout every state in the country.

We have more than 300 recruiters working hard to identify the best critical care locums on a nationwide scale, who take the time to collect all of the information necessary to enable a seamless onboarding process, 并对所有候选人进行全面的背景调查. 与此同时, Barton’s experienced risk team take care in making sure to vet every single provider coming through our database by conducting thorough background checks.

With in-house 许可 and 的认证 teams working to streamline onboarding as they process all of the tedious paperwork involved, and a specialized 旅行 team coordinating every accommodation our locums need to be ready for their assignments, Barton is able to efficiently get talented critical care locum providers through the doors of your healthcare facility hitting the ground running.

我们每天都与新的客户建立联系, 从2001年开始, our 牧师代理人 critical care professionals have successfully been placed into assignments at a diverse range of different practice settings including:

  • 一级创伤中心
  • 地区医疗中心
  • 大学医院/教学设施
  • 危重医院
  • 三级医院
  • 专业的医院
  • 迫切的关心
  • 创伤中心
  • 三级医院
  • 专业的医院
  • 大学医疗中心



Bringing On Locum Tenens Critical Care Providers Brings Numerous Benefits to Your Facility

当雇用一个永久的重症监护专家, healthcare facilities are forced to pay for additional expenses on top of that provider’s salary, 包括但不限于, 好处, 签约奖金, 健康保险, 还有搬迁费. 然而, staffing with a 牧师代理人 provider can save your healthcare organization up to $300,000美元的费用取决于你的工厂的位置!

The hiring process for full time critical care professionals also takes much longer than that of a locum provider, 也就是说,在你寻找正式人选的时候, 你的机构由于病人护理方面的差距而亏损, 员工士气低落, 中断的工作流程, 以及失去推荐的成本. 找个专业的临时工, 你们工厂只需要担心工资, 我们来处理剩下的事!

准备好给全球赌博十大网站安排人员了?  了解更多关于 现在配备了locum or fill out the form on this page below after selecting “Looking to Staff”. 


当你和全球赌博十大网站共事的时候, 你会变得专业化, 1对1的支持,从您专门的客户经理, 谁负责寻找合适的候选人, 查看简历, 进行初步面试, and thoroughly checking references in order to fill your openings as quickly and efficiently as possible. 我们的供应商可以满足几乎任何职位的需求, and can be available within as little as 24 hours for assignments ranging anywhere from a few days, 到六个月或更长时间.


确保完美的候选人, 到证书和旅行相关的问题, 我们庞大的运营团队负责整个项目 牧师代理人 为您提供人员配置流程,确保顺利和无压力的体验.


All you have to do is review the options and choose the best fit for your practice — We’ll handle malpractice insurance, 许可, 的认证, 旅行, 和住房, 帮助你的新客户尽快投入工作. 这一切都是由你个人指定的客户经理协助完成的, 谁会陪你走好每一步.


Our skilled recruiters establish strong connections with thousands of 牧师代理人 medical professionals nationwide in order to ensure our clients can find the most experienced, 合格的候选人需要轻松地为他们的设施配备人员. Get in touch with us today to start staffing with one of our experienced account managers!




桑德拉·G.提供程序调度器 他们的可靠性, 奉献, and flexibility has been essential in helping staff our centers throughout Florida.

布雷特C.,医师招聘经理 我收到的候选人无一例外都是经过精心筛选且消息灵通的.

康尼,医疗人员协调员 I love working with you and hope that we can continue our working relationship.

斯科特年代.,客户端- 全球赌博十大网站在我的名单上,当我们团队有其他需求时,我会打电话给他.


  • What are the 好处 of working with a critical care locum recruitment agency?

    • Locum tenens recruitment agencies handle all the heavy staffing lifts for your facility. 当你和我们一起工作时, you will get a single point of contact who will help you coordinate 许可 and 的认证 and 旅行 accommodations for your incoming critical care specialist. Our extensive crew of recruiters and account managers are also always working to find providers to fill your needs.

  • 如果我需要多个重症监护室的员工怎么办?

    • 没有问题! 你是否有, 两个, 或者10个空缺, we can help you find quality 牧师代理人 providers to temporarily fill those empty spots.