We work with thousands of healthcare organizations including hospitals, clinics, 私人诊所, 整个美国都是如此.S. who need talented cardiology medical professionals for short- and long-term locum tenens assignment engagements.






全国都缺乏医疗服务提供者. 全国都急需心脏病学专业人员, 和本地的医学博士, DOs, NPs, 心脏病学的助理医师正在填补覆盖范围的空白.  By 2028, employment in the cardiology profession overall is expected to grow by 7%, and employment across all cardiology provider types is expected to grow by 3%, 40%, 28%是医生, 护士, 以及医师助理, 分别, by 2031, 根据劳工统计局(BLS).

事实上,尽管美国心脏病学市场的估值为12美元.到2022年,这一数字预计将达到16美元.到2030年将达到110亿美元,复合年增长率为3.7% within the forecasted period as a result of rises in patient volume, 冠心病(CAD)患病率增加, 新一代设备的使用率越来越高, 成熟市场的政府举措也在增加, 据Grand View Research报道. 有大量的工作机会和有竞争力的价格, 当地青少年心脏病医生享有稳定的工作和收入.


While rates can vary amongst various cardiology specialties and can be affected by a number of factors including location and experience, the average pay growth over the past 12 years for 青少年心脏病学 professionals has been about 2.1%, providing greater earning potential all while offering the freedom to travel as well. 与美国的心脏病专家相比, 心脏病专家的薪水可以达到惊人的32美元.8%到66%, making the 青少年心脏病学 salary one of the highest and most desired across all medical professions in the country.

根据劳工统计局, the work environments where cardiology professionals earn the highest salaries are in physician’s offices, 门诊护理中心, 专科医院, while the states with the highest earning potentials for cardiology specialists are Arizona, Arkansas, 和科罗拉多. Barton works with a wide variety of healthcare institutions and facility types across the nation, offering our cardiology locums a pick of attractive jobs paying the most competitive rates for their services throughout every state in the country.










心血管 & 胸外科



作为美国第四大临时工公司, Barton is well positioned to work with and place 临时代理心脏病学 护士, 医师助理, CRNAs, 还有专门研究普通心脏病学的医生, 儿科心脏病学, 介入性心脏病学, 侵入性心脏病, 心血管胸外科, 血管手术, 以及全国各地的心脏麻醉学.

在AMN Healthcare的2022年本地青少年调查中, 47% of facilities stated that they are currently seeking locum tenens providers, and 88% responded that they used locum tenens providers in the past 12 months. Barton’s cardiology group has successfully placed cardiology locums at the following facility types:

  • 长期急症护理中心
  • 医疗中心/医院
  • 社区卫生中心
  • 联邦合格医疗中心
  • 印第安人保健中心
  • 企业诊所
  • Cath labs
  • 私人诊所
  • 养老院
  • 家庭健康
  • 惩教设施
  • 远程医疗
  • 地区医疗中心
  • 大学医疗中心
  • 社区卫生中心
  • 住院医师/奖学金项目
  • 三级医院
  • 危重医院
  • 专业的医院

作为一名心脏科医生, you have the flexibility to choose to work at any of the facility types listed above when the opportunity arises, and adjust your work and travel schedules according to your own needs, 首选项, 和可用性. Barton’s account executives work to bring our cardiology locums new opportunities daily. 以下是我们的一些开放式心脏病学工作:

Our openings change daily, so be sure to check in with your Barton recruiter often. 全球赌博十大网站新来的,准备成为一名心脏科医生? Fill out the form to chat with one of our experienced recruiters to get started!

您的医疗机构是否需要心脏病科的保险? 了解更多关于 现在配备了locum 或在选择“寻找职员”后填写本页的表格.




全球赌博十大网站的同事与 a broad range of healthcare facilities and organizations spanning across the country who are seeking talented locum tenens medical providers like yourself to fill gaps in coverage on locum tenens assignments with the most competitive pay.


Our skilled Account Executives establish strong connections with thousands of healthcare institutions nationwide so that our locum tenens professionals can have the power and flexibility to choose jobs which best fit their needs, 首选项, 还有一大堆诱人的机会.


全球赌博十大网站团队努力为你带来新鲜, 每天都有新的实习工作机会, and we’re thrilled for the opportunity to help you find your dream assignment. Get in touch with us today to jumpstart your locum career with one of our experienced recruiters!




Allison N. — 我爱我的招聘人员! Very friendly and efficient with helping figure outlay pay check/stubs! 非常感谢! 建议!

Bob K. — 我的日程安排有空档. Barton arranged for a placement but it turned out the clinic was not ready. They quickly arranged for another 4-week placement that turned out better than the previously arranged one ever could have been.

Joshua H. — 和全球赌博十大网站的每个人一起工作都很棒. 他们简化了成为locm Tenens供应商的整个过程. They take care of everything so you can focus on taking care of your patients. 我期待着再次与他们合作.

Keith P. — The position was presented accurately and the communication with the client was always fast. When I accepted the job all the details and requirements were clearly laid out. 第一天上班时,我很有信心事情会顺利进行.



A: 全球赌博十大网站的同事与 NPs, PAs, physicians, dentists, and CRNAs!


A: Companies and other healthcare facilities beyond the walls of hospitals and clinics have healthcare staffing openings. The 全球赌博十大网站的同事 team works with a variety of clients looking to fill temporary roles throughout the country, 包括但不限于医院, 私人诊所, 紧急护理. 了解更多关于who的信息 全球赌博十大网站的同事与!

Q: What is the main benefit of working with a healthcare staffing agency?

答:与代理机构合作会使这个过程变得简单. We handle all of the paperwork and other heavy lifting to improve the overall experience for both our providers and clients. All our providers can clients need to do is let us know what they are looking for!